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Contents: 10 x 10iu human growth hormone injections (100iu)


Genuine SIS Labs HGH Injections For Sale Online

SIS Labs HGH, human growth hormone is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary glands of our bodies. It helps promote growth in children and adolescents but naturally starts to decrease as we age.

The older we get, the less HGH the pituitary glands produce. This, however, is natural and is just a part of life that we all will experience. Furthermore, HGH has been said to help regulate our bone and muscle growth. Along with our sugar and fat metabolism, heart functions, and our body fluids.

Due to the fact of our HGH levels decreasing as we age, there has been the production of synthetic Sitropin HGH. Sitropin HGH injections were developed in 2005 and the FDA initially approved it for specific uses in adults and children. Some of these uses include:

– HGH deficiency
– chronic kidney insufficiency
– Tuners Syndrome
– Prader-Willi syndrome

Sitropin Benefits

In adults, the hormone aides with degenerative diseases, is prescribed for individuals with low HGH levels and has many benefits, including:

– reverse graying
– improves skin tone
– increased bone density
– causes fewer wrinkles
– promotes a stronger immune system
– increases sexual potency
– aides in mental alertness
– aides in memory skills
– increases energy levels
– improves overall well-being

SIS Labs Sitropin HGH is normally available by prescription from a specialist, once tests have been ran to show the low levels of human growth hormone in the body. It must then be injected in order for the hormone to work.

SIS Labs HGH for Anti-aging

Studies have shown that now a lot of individuals are using the hormone to help with anti-aging but it has yet to be approved by the FDA. There are claims that taking this hormone helps to reverse the body’s deterioration as we age and have made many feel better than ever.

Increase muscle mass with Sitropin

There has been regular people and celebrities with no HGH deficiencies, whom have used synthetic Sitropin HGH to increase their muscle mass, decrease their body fat, and therefore, somewhat reverse the signs of aging.

These people have said that they looked younger and felt younger, had more energy, had an increase in their endurance levels, had glowing and radiant skin, had increased libido, and had a better mood overall.

It is not recommended by some specialist to use any type of HGH injection kits without having your levels checked by an actual specialist but the hormone can actually be purchased online in pill form, though, it is not known if it has the same effect as the injections.

Different claims have been made on the matter.


In conclusion, the human growth hormone is a praised hormone and a great form of treatment in those who have been tested and showed to need it. It has also, however, shown benefits in individuals without degenerative diseases or children needing help to grow properly.

What we do know is, SIS Labs HGH kit does provide the benefits that is specified when looking to use such a treatment. It is recommended to speak to a physician or specialist to determine if it is actually needed and what benefits you can personally receive from it.

SIS Labs HGH Sitropin Fakes

All Sitropin HGH injections kits can be verified on the SIS Labs official website. You simply scratch off the code on the side of the box to verify for authentication.


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