Gen Tropin AQx 150iu HGH Injection Pen

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Real Gen-Tropin AQx Injections For Sale Online

Gen-Tropin Aqx pens contain HGH, which is short for human growth hormone. This hormone is a substance typically used by athletes and those in the bodybuilding world to help them look younger.

Bodybuilders sometimes use the substance to decrease their amount of fat and produce more muscle. Doctors are saying that the use of a product like this can mess with your system. And have overall harmful effects.

Human Growth Hormone is produced in the body by the your pituitary gland. Which is responsible for growth in children and teenagers. It also regulates body fluids, muscle and bone growth. Along with body composition, sugar metabolism as well as fat metabolism, and more.

HGH is produced synthetically, and is the main ingredient that acts in a number of products and prescription drugs.

Benefits of Gen-Tropin AQx HGH pens

Human growth hormone was first created in 1985. And was FDA approved for certain applications with children and adults. HGH injections were approved for children for treating short stature. And of unknown causes and poor growth due to certain medical issues.

HGH was also approved for use in treating adults for short bowel syndrome where nutrients are not absorbed because of intestinal disease or for those who have had their small intestine removed in addition to those with HGH deficiency and muscle wasting disease for those with HIV and AIDS.

This treatment has provided numerous benefits for those who need HGH. Some have claimed that there are youthful benefits and anti-ageing properties that Gen-tropin AQx HGH supplies, but these are speculative claims that have not been proven, and although the body loses muscle mass with age, it has not been scientifically shown yet.

Dangers of Using Gen-tropin AQx HGH pens

When HGH is not FDA approved and used for recreational purposes, there are risks associated with buying it. Athletes and bodybuilders have used human growth hormone often with other performance-enhancing drugs like injectable anabolic steroids to improve their performance as well as build muscle while decreasing the appearance of body fat.

Gen-Tropin AQx HGH pens can be safer when injected by doctors who prescribe it off label, but it is also purchased through anti-aging clinics, Internet pharmacies, and various websites that are not documented or certified.

Buying from unauthorized vendors and companies online can lead to buying a product that is tampered with or even something completely different than what you were trying to buy.

If you are buying Gen-Tropin AQx HGH on the black market or in an illicit manner, you do not know for certain that the product is what it’s promised to be.

Because of the high cost and illegal nature of trafficking in human growth hormone, the drug is commonly counterfeited in order to reap the high profits.

Side Effects of Using HGH pens for Bodybuilders

Side effects of using HGH injection pens can include a number of scary, negative consequences. This can include carpal tunnel syndrome and numbness or a tingling sensation of the skin.

Swelling due to the body’s tissues filling with fluid, which is known as edema, can also be a concern. Pain and swelling in joints as well as nerves and muscles may occur.

High cholesterol levels are a side effect of HGH. One of the most lethal potential side effects of using this synthetic substance is that it can add to the growth of cancerous tumors in your body.

HGH use can also increase the user’s risk for developing diabetes.

Short-Term Side Effects from Abuse of HGH

In the case of bodybuilders taking doses for cycles and abusing HGH injection pens, there can be a lot of damage and side effects that occur when they abuse the substance.

The side effects can be even more drastic than testosterone supplements abuse. When there is too much HGH in the body and it throws off the natural balance, diseases can develop. The name of one such disease caused by having too much HGH is Acromegaly.

This disease causes the bones and connective tissue to overgrow, causing the jaw and brows to protrude. The hands and feet become abnormal in their largeness, and internal organs grow irreversibly.

Liver as well as thyroid damage can occur in conjunction with low insulin levels. Bodybuilders risk higher levels of cancers and tumors as well as other health side effects.


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